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Virtual worlds for education and business

Endless possibilities


Learning doesn't have to be all books and no fun. CNDG takes a unique approach to turning your coursework into fun, interactive activities with a social twist. We create rich learning environments that are second to none.

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Imagine eliminating those expensive travel costs to have your employees meet and collaborate. Now stop imagining. CNDG is here to make it happen.

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We're proud of our work and the clients we've worked with. Check out some of our previous projects and discover if CNDG is the right fit for you.

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From virtual classrooms to virtual boardrooms, we're sure there's a way CNDG can help your organization make the leap into virtual collaboration.

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Who are we?

CNDG is a full-service provider of virtual world-based solutions for the education and business sectors. Developing immersive environments is our passion and we've been doing it for over 5 years.

Based on your concepts and ideas, we develop engaging environments for your students or employees to work and learn together with no travel costs or outdated teleconferencing systems.

Our clients include several Fortune 500 companies and international educational institutions all the way down to local technical schools and doctor's offices. The tools and environments we develop scale with you.

"Overall, it was a pleasure working with CNDG and I recommend them highly"Joel Schwartzberg, Director of New Media
"As an instructional designer, I have found CNDG's full design and build services provide compelling, on-time and within budget productions"Arthur Schneider, Instructional Designer
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